Our Executive Team


The Harmony Trust’s lead sponsor is Greenhill Primary Academy and the Chief Executive Officer is Antony Hughes.


The Members and Board of Trustees are determined in their mission to give all our pupils the quality education that they deserve.


We are passionate about offering an outstanding education to our children that means every single one reaches their full potential.


The Management group

Chief Executive Antony Hughes
The role of the Chief Executive is to work closely with the Members and Board of Trustees to provide outstanding strategic leadership for The Harmony Trust ensuring continuing success and sustainability in its academies.  Antony ensures appropriate arrangements are in place to deliver high standards of education for all children in the Trust’s academies. 
Finance Director Suzanne Thompson
The Director of Finance has responsibility for all aspects of Trust finance. Delivering operational rigour and strategic direction, Suzanne plays an integral role in supporting the growth and development of The Harmony Trust.

Director of Business Management Tracey Mellor
The role of the Director of Business Management is to ensure the objectives and goals of the Trust are translated into operational practice, delivered upon, monitored and subsequent improvements are planned and appropriately addressed.  Tracey leads on key business areas e.g. Human Resources, ICT & Facilities Management. 
Director of Specialist Interventions and Professional Development

Maggie Williams

Maggie works closely with the Chief Executive to provide advice and support on a number of key priorities across the Trust including, the improvement of provision for a range of disadvantaged groups and those facing barriers to learning, and to support the strategic direction and commissioning of professional development.

Lead Practitioner - Safeguarding / Health & Safety

Wendy May

 Wendy's role in the Trust is to ensure we are compliant with both Health & Safety and Safeguarding legislation throughout all 5 Harmony Trust schools. This involves advise to Principals, audits and support with issues and concerns. Wendy also plays a key role in data analysis which identifies trends and patterns to ensure resources are targeted to where they are most needed.  


Finance & Admin Officer Kim Callaghan
Kim’s role is to provide financial, administrative and professional support to the Chief Executive and Trust Leadership Team. The role assists in providing financial & administrative support and process for the operational activity and day to day practice of the Trust.