The Harmony Trust is a multi-academy and school led organisation based in Oldham. The Trust was set up in February 2014, in consultation with the Department of education, with its core aim being to raise attainment in local schools.

The Harmony Trust has the highest aspirations for its pupils, parents and staff members.  We work hard to ensure that every child achieves.


A Note from the Chief Executive

Our aim is to ensure that we give children the best education that we can. We believe that school should be a place where every child achieves and succeeds. Developing well-being and self-esteem is our key, alongside raising attainment and achievement.

Our vision is to be a leading example of excellence in Primary Education. We aim to prepare our learners for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, through a balanced high quality education, in a caring and stimulating environment where the school community learns and achieves together.